TradeShark Diary, 1st June 2020

According to Sky Sports News the US Open will go ahead at Flushing Meadows, New York.

USTA Chief Exec Stacey Allaster says that there are various different plans being considered for the tournament to take place.

Charter flights will take players and coaches to the venue and Covid-19 tests will take place before a player travels. They will also underdog daily temperature checks. There would be no spectators and reduced numbers of lines judges.

There had been talk of moving the tournament out of New York but apparently that plan is unlikely to happen.

I have been looking into Youtube SEO practises. My videos’ rankings are piss poor. I suppose that’s not really surprising as I haven’t paid much attention to it. I do get a fair amount of traffic from Youtube but a few searches that I would expect to do well on saw my first video showing up at the bottom of page 13!

Our neighbour is having another BBQ on Sunday. This time we are invited round to join them in the garden. While this is allowed within the lockdown rules I am not sure I am totally happy with it. You never really know how well a household has stuck to the rules up to this point. Also as Sue works on the infectious diseases ward at the hospital I am not sure that I would want US paying our garden a visit. It just doesn’t feel like it’s a good idea. Plus, Sue has been complaining that the lockdown has been eased too soon. It hasn’t happened yet. I can see there being a few arguments before then.

Apart from that it’s been a quiet day. The loud neighbours have continued to be quiet. Another lot have started up but as they are a little further down the road we can barely hear them in our bedroom with the fan on. Could be worse.

Stay safe.

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2 thoughts on “TradeShark Diary, 1st June 2020”

  1. blank

    My son works in the care industry. he looks after autistic adults. The death rate in care homes is eye watering and we are not being fully informed. I feel sorry for staff who have only very recently received any protective items, so I sympathize with you and your wife when visiting or being visited by anyone else. I keep him well clear of him whenever he calls on our doorstep.

    1. blank

      We still haven’t visited our families. Mine are in the North but our daughter and Grandkids are 10 minutes away.

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