TradeShark Diary, 6th April 2020

I have tried to keep busy this morning. I didn’t feel 100% yesterday. No corona virus symptoms other than a headache. We are pretty sure that we have both had the virus. Towards the end of February Sue woke up in the middle of the night and was really struggling to breathe. She had a severe headache and sore throat and said her whole body was shaking. She felt terrible for several days afterwards. My symptoms were very light. At the time we just thought it was a bug but when we look back knowing what we know now there is a very good chance that we had coronavirus. Without a test we don’t know for certain!

I dropped Sue off at work this morning at 6:30. For some reason they have dug up the whole patient carpark. Why on earth would they do that? I don’t think they have dug the staff carpark up but the road that goes past it is a little lower than the carpark and you can’t see the surface. Apparently a lot of the staff’s cars where broken into over the weekend. There will always be a few scumbags.

I’ve done all the housework. Dusted everywhere. Cobweb blitz. Cleaned the bathroom and the downstairs loo. Hoovered and mopped the floors. Dogshit collection in the back garden. All that didn’t take long as it’s getting done a lot more regularly than normal. The house has never been so clean! The front door and the downstairs loo window also need doing but I don’t want to peak too soon.

I took the dogs out this morning too. The sun was quite warm so a walk would tire them out a little more than usual. Hardly anyone about. We went past tesco and there didn’t seem to be a queue to get in. That was around 10:30. We passed a couple of joggers and a dog walker. We moved onto the grass at the side of the path for each one.

Before we went through the barrier at the end of the path we stopped so the dogs could have a sniff around the red dog poo bin. They like to catch up on their peemail. An old guy came up from the other side of the barrier. He looked around 70 although a fit 70. He was in shorts so his false leg was clearly visible. I have seen him around a few times but had never spoken to him. He seemed to be in some pain and was leaning on the barrier to get his breath back. I asked him if he was ok and he said he was. To make a little conversation I said, ” You feel a bit guilty for going out don’t you?”. He smiled as he set off up the path past us in a bit of a power walk and said, “I don’t bloody feel guilty. I’M going out!”

I need to stay away from the screens a little more than I have been. No news on the Twitter account although I had an email from Twitter asking me to confirm that I wanted to receive emails from them. I wasn’t sure at first if it was genuine but I wasn’t being asked to enter any details. I just had to click a button. Is that linked to the appeal of the suspension?

I need to have some lunch and then I’m going to read a book!

Stay safe.

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