TradeShark Diary, 5th April 2020

I’ve been criticising the minority of people who are not following the rules. Today we find out that the Scottish Chief Medic has spent the last 2 weekend at her second home. It is apparently a 1 hour drive to get there from their main home. This weekend she went there with her husband and her whole family travelled there last weekend.


The death count in the UK is approaching 5000.

I logged into my main Twitter account this morning. It is still suspended but I saw a message from Tony (The Badger) Hargraves saying “welcome back!”. I contacted Tony to ask what made him think I was back! Apparently the account was not suspended this morning for a short time. I checked the tweets and the one that I think got me into trouble had been removed.

That gave some hope that someone did appear to be looking into the suspension. However I have just checked again and the tweet is back! God knows what they are doing!

Talking of Tony Hargraves I will be interviewed by him this week.

The Queen’s speech will be broadcast at 8pm. My wife loves the royals so we’ll be watching it but seriously, does anyone really care what the Queen thinks? Older people perhaps but I doubt under 20’s are interested. Can she say we’re all in it together? Sitting in a castle? Sure Prince Charles caught it which went against the belief that you can’t catch it from a horse.

Just heard about some cat mutilations about 5 or 10 minutes from here. Following reports that cats can bring the virus to us on their paws, 2 were found with their paws hacked off.

Stop the world I want to get off.

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