TradeShark Diary, 6th July 2020

So the pubs reopened on Saturday. I must admit I don’t understand the “desperation” to get back to the pub and even less so to get back to the pub on a Saturday night. It can’t be just to see your mates again as that has been possible for a while. Judging by some of the photo’s and videos from the weekend the bulk of those desperate to get back to the pub just wanted to get pissed. It’s not the same doing that at home. If you get a bit angry about something you don’t want to smash your own property up do you? I can’t remember the last time I went into town on a Saturday. There are always fights, stabbings and god knows what else. It’s like the Purge UK.

I was pleasantly surprised that our local was very quiet on both nights. I had expected that when I took the dogs out we would be stepping over puke and maybe even the pukers but we hardly saw a soul. I suppose if the pub has had lockins during lockdown the regulars didn’t feel the same desperation as drunks elsewhere.


On Friday I had an offer of some help with my site’s SEO. Nat has many years of experience in SEO and had just joined TradeShark Tennis. She made some good suggestions. Some of them didn’t make total sense although it is wise to listen to people with more experience than yourself. She was pretty insistent that it needed a header image. I had purposely done away with the header image when I redesigned the site as I wanted it look different and have a clean look. I had replaced it with, in my mind, something similar but I gave in and added a header image so people knew it was my site and exactly what the subject is. I named the image with the keyword that I was trying to rank for. I don’t know if that made the difference or whether it also had something to do with increased traffic due to me posting some match tips but by Saturday morning the site had moved from number 2 to number 1. That in turn increased organic traffic to the site (traffic from google). Thanks Nat!

I have had one of the laziest weekends on record. I aim to post some advice for selected exhibition matches until the season starts on the 3rd of August. It doesn’t look like there is much to look at today though. Betfair have been a little sluggish to react to requests to get markets up for some of the matches.

I barely touched the laptop yesterday evening. We decided that we were going to have a pizza and film night in bed. I took the dogs out at 9 pm rather than the usual 10:30 to 11:30 start time. I ordered the food when I got back. They normally deliver in about 30 minutes even though you get given a 1 hour delivery time. Not last night. 11:15! I did get an email saying they were running a little late but when it got to 11 pm I rang them. They must have been short of drivers but to be fair they waited to cook the food so that it arrived hot. By 11 pm we had only just settled on what film we were going to watch. It was the Conjuring which we thought we had seen before but neither of us remembered it. The food was worth waiting for. A “Jack Daniels” pizza, onion rings and chicken dippers. We had also ordered cheesy chips to get it over the £15 minimum order. The first time I ordered the JD pizza it was because I was curious as to whether it would taste of Jack Daniels. It doesn’t but is very tasty and has meatballs on it!

I don’t have a great deal planned for today. One of my members made a suggestion for an addition to the trading guide which I will be looking into today.

The offer of 1 month of free trading tips emails will end on the 14th. It seems a bit of a random date but I just went for a date halfway through July! With the tennis coming back properly from August there will be more interest in the site anyway so I won’t need a promo. A LOT of people have signed up in the last few weeks.

Stay safe.

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2 thoughts on “TradeShark Diary, 6th July 2020”

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    Curious mate. When we’re back in the full swing of the tours again, how many matches do you trade on a day to day (Roughly). You obvs have a strategy in mind for those you do, and watch the match/score in order to enact the trade.
    But do you have like a hit list of say 3/4 which you target out of the 50 that might be on that day. Do you play it by ere throughout the day as the matches develop?

    Ps enjoying your blog posts. Your a funny chap (ha ha not funny strange), and I’m not sure you even realise it!!


    1. blank

      Hi Andy,

      I research every match so while I am doing that I pick out ones that seem to offer the best opportunities for my style of trading. I rarely trade full matches but might be involved in anything from 5 to 10 part matches.

      Glad you enjoy the posts. If I say I DO realise that I’m funny I sound like a pratt. If I say I DON’T realise it I sound like a thick pratt. I’ll pass.

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