TradeShark Diary, 8th April 2020

A quick update. My Twitter account is still suspended and Boris is stable and responding to treatment. They probably weren’t in the correct order of importance.

It wasn’t exactly a relaxing evening yesterday. A house 2 doors down were having a house party. From the noise, shouting swearing and general being-a-cockness they were aged 15 to 18. The mother’s car was on the drive so I think she was in. I feel sorry for the neighbour who lives between us and Party Central. She is on her own with 2 small kids. She had to take the kids inside because of the noise and the language. The noise is bad enough and the fact that they are not even coming close to following the rules about not spreading the virus from household to household is annoying. Perhaps more irritating is the fact that the mother works in a care home. She isn’t giving much thought about her residents who are all vulnerable. She is either such a weak mother that she can’t stop her teenagers from having friends round or she doesn’t think the rules apply to them anyway. I’m not sure if the neighbours on the other side reported her but they seemed to wrap things up around 9pm.


That’s when the second house party started. In terms of house numbers they are our next door neighbours but their house is at the bottom of our garden. No they’re not fairies. There is a 7ft wall round our back garden. There must have been around 20 to 25 people there. Hard to know exactly as people were coming and going all night. My wife was getting upset. She cries each day about missing the grand kids and our daughter. Hearing these idiots enjoying themselves with their mates and knowing that when they get sick she will have to treat them at the hospital understandably got to her.

Several neighbours reported it. I hadn’t expected the police to respond. We get a patrol car up here quite regularly but since the coronavirus started I don’t think I have seen one. The house and the next 2 houses are all linked by family in some way. They’re quite secretive about it but have gates going from one back garden to the next. When the police knocked on the front door they all piled through the gates so when the officers went round the back there was hardly anyone left. They have had parties for the last week or so. Let’s see if the visit from the plod will make them wary of repeat performances. I am certain someone will have let the police know about the escape route.

We have been dropping off shopping to our daughter and took another delivery today. I don’t use facebook much anymore. I logged in this morning to see if there was anything about the police visit and noticed our daughter had posted about how wonderful her mum is for dropping off food deliveries to their door step and for always looking after them. I agree her mum IS wonderful but she didn’t fucking walk there. Nothing new there though. it reminds my why I don’t use facebook. Everyone tends to think dad’s don’t need thanking or even acknowledging. They’re just always there sorting stuff out.

I’ve been watching the Coronavirus updates since they started but have been switching off once it gets to the questions at the end. The reporters and just either scoring points and trying to get a juicy titbit for their news programmes or they are all asking the same bloody questions. Usually they ask questions that anyone who has taken the slightest interest in all this could answer.

Either the whole world is going mental or my patience is running out fast. Do Amazon Prime do Uzis?

Stay safe.

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  1. I really can’t see the need for these daily updates, they just seem to be there for the so called journalists to show how inept they are.

    1. blank

      They were interesting at first but not for the last week. Probably some pledge to be transparent is keeping them going

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