TradeShark Diary, 8th June 2020

Sue is working today so I have a “me day”. I have chosen not to relax! I scrubbed the floor in the downstairs toilet. Sue does her hair in there and hairspray gets on everything at the sink and mirror end of the room.


The diffuser was delivered for the kitchen light. I wasn’t expecting a twin pack but that’s what was delivered. Unfortunately both of them were damaged! One of them could have been used. There were 3 or 4 cracks on one side. I put the cracks towards the far end of the kitchen. You could hardly see them. I emailed the supplier with photos of the damage. I figured if they offered a refund I would accept it and tell them I’d buy some locally. I would then just leave this one in place. They are sending me a replacement tomorrow. Other than that it was a damn fine plan.

It’s Sue’s birthday tomorrow. I’m cooking. She has requested tuna in my mustard sauce. I went shopping this afternoon for everything I needed. Tesco got rid of their fresh fish counter a few months ago. They still have a pre-pack section. I thought I was out of luck. They had a whole cabinet full of salmon. No way will they sell all that in the next couple of days! Hidden behind some of the salmon I found some packs of tuna. The steaks aren’t all that big so I got 3 packs.

I have done a bit more housework and wrapped Sue’s presents. Now it’s 4 pm and I am having a sit down! Another rock n roll day.

It will be interesting to see if the BLM protests spark an increase in coronavirus cases. I have read on Twitter a lot of people justifying the lack of social distancing by claiming that the virus is a scam. They obviously don’t have a relative working on a coronavirus ward. I’ll be sure to let Sue know that the victims who have died a painful death right in front of her were faking it.

Despite growing up in Bradford in the 70’s and 80’s I have seen little racism first hand. I can remember a few occasions when I have stepped in. Usually on night’s out when taxi drivers were getting abused by pissed up mongs. My social circle was very diverse as a kid. I genuinely just see people rather than seeing a black person or white. Everyone gets my respect until they prove that they don’t deserve it. The colour of their skin has never been a factor.

America is clearly a very different matter. I don’t know if any amount of protesting will greatly change anything over there. I struggle to see why looting and destruction will change anyone’s opinion on anything.

Stay safe.

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