TradeShark Diary, 7th June 2020

The front garden needed some attention. The grass needed cutting and especially the edges badly needed strimming. Both my lawnmower and my strimmer are ancient. I bought the lawnmower in 1997 when I bought my house in Bradford. I got the strimmer at the same time but it was old before I got it. It had belonged to a great Uncle. The strimmer works fine but I have never mastered the art of replacing the strimmer wire. I can re-thread is so it’s usable but when the wire snaps you’re supposed to just tap the strimmer head on the floor and it releases more wire. It never does. I’m sure I can find a youtube video but have obviously never cared enough to look.


I managed to get the lawn done as well as some weeding before the rain started. The forecast had been pretty accurate. It said the rain was due around 12 and it started at 11:45.

We had facetimed the grandkids earlier. Ella is 6 and she takes control of the I-pad. Ivy (4) ends up getting pushed out. She often then sulks and/or cries. Ella is back at school on Tuesday which is also Sue’s birthday. Our daughter is bringing Ivy over to see us when they have dropped Ella off at school. Ella won’t be happy! It will be the first time we have seen our daughter and Ivy since lockdown started. The meeting will be in the front garden.

I went to Tesco in the afternoon. It seemed like every prick in Worcester was in there. I’m not a huge fan of this Tesco store but to be fair they have handled the social distancing pretty well. I have heard stories about Morrisons and Asda being really weak about making people stick to the rules. Maybe 60% of people in there today seemed to be ignoring social distancing, the one way system and rather than queuing down the last aisle to be allocated a checkout they were just picking a checkout (jumping the queue).

No trading today.

Stay safe.

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