TradeShark Diary, 9th July 2020

It looks like Nadal won’t attempt to defend his US Open title. He has confirmed that he will play in Madrid which will be part of his preparation for defending his French Open title. Madrid starts the day after the US Open finishes.

The ATP has come up with a revised system for the world rankings.

Alex Zverev will give David Ferrer a go as new coach.

Sue went to Tesco this morning. I was interested to know how things would be now that they have done away with most of the social distancing controls. If she is doing the shop I usually drop her off at the store and then go to pick her up with the shopping afterwards. The store is only a couple of streets away but it’s a tough walk with a few bags of shopping. There was a small hiccup at the start of this plan. We got into the car and I pushed the start button. It wouldn’t start. The mechanic has been telling me for 2 years that I needed a new battery. I had said that I didn’t agree. It was just that I only make short journeys. I take it out for a drive sometimes just to boost the battery charge but haven’t done that in the last few months. To be fair it has been fine. I had been leaving the engine running when I went to pick Sue up from work. I can be waiting outside the hospital for 15 to 20 minutes as its a good idea to get there early as there aren’t many spaces in front of the main entrance.

The battery had struggled a little on Tuesday when we went to see the kids but I ignored it. I have a battery jump starter box in the boot. I had never used it. They usually come fully charged. This one didn’t of course. Sue set off walking to Tesco. I told her to give me a ring when she was done and I’d walk down and carry the shopping home.

I went inside and but the jumper box on charge. According to the instructions it takes 4 to 5 hours to change. Great. At least I am finding out now rather than when we go to Devon for a few days. I had intended to get a new battery before we go there. I also need 3 new tyres!

I use a site called ClickMechanic for anything to do with the car. I tried them a couple of years ago when my usual guy put his prices up. He wasn’t even that good! I had needed 2 front brake pads fitting and he said it was a cheap job and he would do it for £170. ClickMechanic quoted me £95. For that the guy comes out to collect the car, does the work and drops it off outside the house. Anyway I have booked the same guy to replace the battery. They aren’t charging me much more than it would cost to get a battery from Halfords. Fitting a battery is simple enough but I like the convenience. He’s coming tomorrow morning around 8 am.

Sue rang to see if i had got the car started. I said that I hadn’t and if she waited a few minutes I would come and meet her. She had started walking home with the 5 bags of shopping. Apparently Tesco was very quiet. Actually I have noticed that everywhere is quiet since the lockdown was toned down. Even the pub has been quiet when we have walked past on the late dog walk. Maybe people are scared to go to Tescos with no real controls in place.

I’ve had some positive feedback on the Flow chart that I added to the members pages. I had a suggestion to change the font to make it easier to read. The site I used didn’t offer a different font but I have increased the text size and bolded it. I’ll see if I can do one for the second set and maybe for some of the strategies.

Stay safe.

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