TradeShark Diary – Friday 18th October

Some of you may have been reading my diary posts on the forum. If you WERE reading it you’re probably wondering where the forum went!Diary

Over the last 2 or 3 weeks I have been making changes to the blog to improve its performance. I have been making changes to the site’s code. Some of it was direct code changes and some were by using plugins. There have been a few problems along the way.

One or two of the plugins I used to improve site performance were very powerful and broke a few things. Some were fixable but sometimes I had to give up on the plugin as it changed too many other bits of the site.

One thing I noticed was that the forum would load OK but if you clicked on the button to write a new post it didn’t work. Initially I found that there was a conflict between the forum and an SEO plugin. If I switched off the SEO then I could post on the forum. Not ideal especially if anyone else wanted to post on there. As I was pretty much the only person posting I figured I could live with it for now.

I made a few more changes and then found that I couldn’t even log into the forum.  Nothing I did would let me sign in. I thought I would uninstall the forum plugin and re-install it. It works for most plugins as the setting are saved.  There was a message that all data would be lost. Ah they don’t mean it.

Anyway, all data was lost. I have access to a back up from my hosting company but when I checked the new installation of the forum it was still broken. No one wants forums these days anyway.

So I’ll be posting on here instead. It won’t be every day and sometimes will be once a week. Anything and everything can be covered.

A quick update: The cat finally died. She was the last of 9 that we have had. We had them all at once for while. That was interesting. Ellie was 19 years old. Blind, incontinent towards the end and diabetic. At least the new leather sofas are safe.

TradeShark Diary - Friday 18th October 1
Watching the French Open with Ellie

I have been chased by a copyright scammer for the last 6 months or so.  They had sent me the final, final final warning before they might take me to court. Haven’t heard anything for a week or so.

Tennis Trading Course

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