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I have had a handful of questions in the last few months asking about the advice that I give on this blog and also on Twitter. The most common question is asking if the tips are intended to be backed and left to run.

The short answer is “NO”. The slightly longer answer is “HELL NO”. The long answer is that I very rarely leave a back bet to run until the end of the match. I can think of just 2 occasions in the last year. The clue is in the title of the site. The tips are for TRADING.

The aim of the match picks on here and in the Daily Trading Tips emails is to give you a value entry point. After that you need to manage your position. If you have little tennis trading experience here are some simple ways to manage the trade:

Once the price has reached the target price and you have entered your first trade you are waiting for a significant price move in your favour. This can be a break of serve or your player wins the set. Then you should remove some or all of your liability (risk).

If your player does not perform well and gets broken after you have entered the trade then you can exit with a loss.

I sometimes get asked how do you remove the liability. Look at this example.

Trading ladder

At that moment I had £932 liability/risk on Kasatkina. I have had a significant price move in my favour and can hedge evenly for £430.

If I wanted to remove that liability/risk on Kasatkina then I need to lay Rybakina for £932. That would leave me with £0 on Kasatkina.

If you only wanted to REDUCE the liability then adjust the size of the lay on Rybakina. If I wanted to reduce the liability on Kasatkina to £400 then I would lay £532 on Rybakina’s ladder.

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