Which Sport is the Best to Trade on Betfair?

The answer you get to this question will vary a little but the vast majority of people who know what they’re talking about with come with one of the following:

Football,Pre race horses, Tennis or cricket.

One of the main reasons for this is that a lot of people trade these sports so we have plenty of people to match out trades/bets. Probably more people trade football than any other. That doesn’t mean they do it well! The pre race horses are popular as the trading session is pretty much the same times every day.

Tennis and cricket have the advantage over football in that the market isn’t suspended for significant events during the match. In football Betfair suspend the market for:

A goal

A penalty

A sending off

Unfortunately as the market is often controlled by a live “suspend monkey” the market can be suspended if the chimp thinks it was a goal when in fact it hit the bar or the side netting or didn’t cross the goal line. They will also suspend if a tackle in the box may lead to a penalty or if a challenge may result in a sending off.  It can get quite frustrating.

It won’t surprise anyone that I think tennis is the best sport for trading but it’s really down to personal choice between tennis and cricket. There are more usable markets for cricket matches whereas for tennis you are often best to stick to match odds. Smaller tournaments have very few alternative markets.

Tennis matches can turn around very quickly and a player can seem to have a set or a match sewn up only to throw it away. We see plenty of excellent trading opportunities.

If you’re thinking of trying tennis trading have a look at my Trading Course. There is loads of useful information for the new tennis trader. You don’t need to be a tennis expert to trade it although basic knowledge of the scoring system is needed.

If you buy the course you get my Trading Tips email free for 10 days which will give you match previews and advice on how to trade each match.

If you have any questions on my service or on tennis trading in general please email me on tradesharktennis@gmail.com

Tennis Trading Course

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