WTA Australian Open, Collins v Swiatek

Semi Final
Collins 2.36 v Swiatek 1.72
Due to start at 10 am

Swiatek 1-0 (Feb 2021, hard, Collins retired).

Long term overall win percentages are strong for both but slightly favour Collins. Hard court win percentages are also good for both players and favour Collins.

Swiatek’s 2nd serve has been poor in the last 2 rounds. Those were the matches that went to 3 sets. She lost the first set in those matches. She had been pretty comfortable in the early rounds.

Collins has had a slight back problem in the last couple of rounds. She was not tested by Cornet in the last match. She needed 3 sets in 2 of her matches. IN the 3rd round, Tauson took their opening set and in the 4th round, Mertens also took the first set from Collins after Collins gave up a 3-0 lead.

Stats for the tournament favour Swiatek for everything except service holds. Stats for their last 10 on hard all favour Swiatek. Collins will try to attack weak 2nd serves so Swiatek needs to improve that serve. Lay Swiatek around 1.45 to 1.50 and remove liab at 1.90. Lay the set 1 winner. Tough to pick a winner. Value on Collins.

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