Betfair tennis forum – useful resource or completely lacking in value?

Hmm let me think….

I have never been a fan of the betfair forums with the exception of a (very) limited number of peope on the cricket forum who know what they’re talking about. The tennis forum. Now that’s another matter altogether. I feel quite sorry for anyone who trawls through all the garbage posted on there looking for some decent insight into the upcoming games or the tennis world in general.

Lately it seems to have gone into a real nose dive with anyone posting a conflicting view being labelled a mug. Players names wherever possible have the word mug inserted into them. There’s the odd thread asking why the forum is so quiet compared to recent months/years. The fact is that why would anyone want to post on there to have their opinions ridiculed for not agreeing with the few arrogant posters who seem to make it their mission to discourage anyone from taking part.

Not surprisingly when a match is at a potential turning point and you think there might be some words of wisdom on there you will usually find absolutely nothing.

Leave these kids with the forum. It seems to have replaced their playground. There are a handful of posters who know tennis on there but I doubt they will be there much longer.

I suppose we shouldn’t be too harsh on them. Perhaps they will begin to act like adults when puberty has finally passed 😉

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1 thought on “Betfair tennis forum – useful resource or completely lacking in value?”

  1. I periodically go on the forum, mostly to check if anyone knows whether it’s raining or not, as that is all it’s of use for these days. It’s amazing how you can return to it after months and the same things are being posted! Mostly ‘mug’ and hysterical laughter and sexism every time a woman fails to hold serve.

    Think the change to the new format ruined the forums and drove most people away but as you say, who would want to post anyway?

    Most of the idiots on there appear to have come over from the football forum (can tell by the names and lack of knowledge of tennis) but that doesn’t excuse those who are tennis fans – proper know-it-alls, most of them.

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