2 thoughts on “Sultan interviews TradeShark!”

  1. nice, just wonder why you believe more in cricket than tennis (according to money risk) ? for me tennis is much more known and i think you prefer tennis too ?

    what are your average netto profits in tennis and what in cricket trading monthly ?

    “For tennis I very rarely put more than £500 into the market in one go but will top up if the situation merits it. Usually my stake is split into £200 to £300 chunks. I actually often use bigger stakes in cricket but will keep liability under £500 to £600.”

    1. Hi Peter,
      Its not about believing more in either. Different sports need to be traded differently. In cricket, especially test cricket you can often have the same position for hours ( and even days) on end. If you get a good entry then you can stick with it. In tennis the market is much more volatile and you have to be monitoring it constantly.
      I trade cricket when its available but tennis makes up 90% of my income. Cricket matches are more of a bonus.

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