First week of full time trading

The first week is out of the way.

As I didn’t want to put myself under any extra pressure I set a very conservative target for the week. £500. Monday started slowly but I started to settle into it towards the end. Tuesday was a little more comfortable and by Wednesday I was pretty much trading “normally”.

Thursday was my best day with around £240 profit but then had a bit of a nightmare day on Friday ending it -£60!

By the end of the week I was around £800 up which i was satisfied with all things considered.

I can manage well enough on £500 a week but with previous performance I would expect to average £200 a day fairly easily. That doesn’t mean I will be beating myself up if I am below that. Nor does it mean I will stop once I reach that total. Its simply a guide for me to measure the day against.

Last week I also made a definite decision to limit the hours I spent in front of the PC. One of the main reasons for turning full time was to improve our standard of living and obviously our income. There is little point earning more money if you are either sat by your desk for 16 hours a day or else if you’re too tired to enjoy the new “freedom”.

So I set a finish time each day meaning I had a 4pm finish and a couple of 5pm finishes. That is something I aim to continue as is having a proper day off. I am sure that will come easier once I am happier with the amount of profit by close of business Saturday 🙂

Hopefully I have given myself a good base to work on. I still don’t think it has sunk in though! Still feels a little strange.

I’ll update you this time next week

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6 thoughts on “First week of full time trading”

  1. blank

    Hi, keep the good work up!
    How many matches/day are you calculating with to reach your profit target?

    1. blank

      Thanks Slamdunk. At the beginning of the week its impossible to say as often i will get in and take the profit quickly before moving on to the next game. I guess 4 or 5 part games a day.

  2. blank

    Hi Shark,

    is your trading based on the package you are selling?
    I might have a go and buy it, I’ve been following your blog for a month now.
    Congrats on your brave decision and good luck on your new journey..

    1. blank

      Hi, yes it is. The strats are the ones I use every day. You need to gain experience using them before you get the best from them. Anything worth doing take some effort 😉

  3. blank

    Congrats on going full time!

    @Tadej: I’d reccommend purchasing, you’ll probably make it back quite quickly.

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