TradeShark Diary – 19th November

It’s been over a week I think since I last posted. It was quite a busy week. As we get close the the end of another season I am covering the Challenger tour as well the last few main tour matches. The bloody Challengers often have 3 rounds before the quarter finals. Usually I have a couple of busy days and then the workload reduces from Wednesday. I never seemed to stop.

This week the new improved Davis Cup gives us plenty of matches with top players involved. The changes to the format have brought the organisers a few headaches. I say, “organisers” as you would think someone must be in charge but it hasn’t seemed that way. Just finding out who is playing and when has been a nightmare. I seem to have spent most of the last 2 days constantly checking various sources. The announcement of who is playing has been quite late as the captains’s only have to announce who is playing an hour before the match starts. They don’t seem to be sticking to that too well. It doesn’t leave a lot of time to research the matches ad get the info out to subscribers.

Anyway it keeps me out of mischief. I haven’t heard anything from the copyright blaggers.  The last email I had from them was a month ago.

My wife and I spent a little time last night ordering a new Christmas Tree. The new sofa’s take up a lot more room that the old corner one and we don’t really have the room for the big tree. My wife said she had seen one on the M and S website. She wants one that can stand on a table that we have next to the TV. She said she wanted it 3 ft high. She also wanted the lights to be battery powered as she hates wires all over the place. I did question that as it would be next to the TV cabinet in the corner and the wires would just go behind that. She was almost convinced.

She showed me the tree that she had seen. She normally puts a lot of effort into decorating our big tree and this one on the M and S site just looked awful. It wasn’t just a Christmas tree. It was a bloody shite Christmas tree. I knew she would hate it if we bought  it. You can’t just tell her that though. She has to work it out for herself.

I started searching. Amazon, Dunelm, B and Q, Homebase, Argos, The Range etc etc. Some nice trees but none of them had battery powered lights. After an hour and a half I was losing the will to live. It was at this point that she told me that the reason she wanted it 3 ft high was so it just fit under the shelf that’s above the table.  I told her the gap was more than 3 ft. I fetched a tape measure. It’s 4 ft.

“Oh! OK I want it 4 ft tall then”.

Back to Google. I found some nice ones but she didn’t want one on a stand. It had to be in a pot. The ones on the stand are too easy for the dogs to knock over.

“The ones in a pot ( even if we find one as it’s an artificial tree) will be no more stable”.

“Yes they will.”

“No, they won’t. If anything they will be less stable as the stands are a bit wider.”

She sort of accepted that but wasn’t budging on the battery powered bit. I suggested we get a plain tree and some battery powered lights. She went for that. So after almost 3 hours we have ordered a tree and some lights. I was just closing the laptop ( it was 11pm) when she remembered she wanted to get our daughter a fairy Christmas tree topper. She had promised her the one Sue’s mum had given them years ago but we can’t find it.

Another 40 minutes later we had put together a shortlist of 6 fairies. This was cut down to 2 and the final decision was made.  I still had the dogs to take out. To be honest I was glad to get out of the house! Never mind. Happy wife, happy life.

Now was it her that said that or me…….

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