TradeShark Diary, 27th June 2020

Nadal has said that he may not compete at the US Open. The defending champion blamed “ugly scheduling”. The French Open starts just 2 weeks after the US Open. Of course he is also the defending champ at the French Open. Article

Goran Ivanisevic is that latest person to test positive for Covid-19 after the Adria Exhibition. Ivanisevic was booed by the crowd when he went on court to tell them the final was cancelled.

We had a great couple of hours with Michelle and the kids. She had told them that we were bringing them a surprise. They were initially a little disappointed when we arrived with meals from McDonalds. Apparently they thought we were bringing guinea pigs. They have been told they can get some when they move house.

Ella came close to soaking me. Their padding pool was being filled and she picked up the hose and was wandering over towards us with water going everywhere. A shriek from Michelle stopped her in her tracks.

The rest of the day was spent in our garden. Everyone was pretty quiet which made a nice change.

It’s our wedding anniversary on Sunday. I ordered a personalised card from Funky Pigeon about a week ago but it’s now 2pm on Saturday and it hasn’t arrived. I didn’t fancy queuing to get into Tesco just to buy a card so I went to the local Costcutter. It’s not really big enough for proper social distancing. People were doing their best and queuing down one of the aisles. Then a woman nipped down the next aisle and cut into the queue and got served first. An old guy was not happy at all and lost the plot ( no it wasn’t me). He was queuing next to the bread and started lobbing loaves and baps at the checkout guy. The perspex screen saved him. It was pretty funny. The displays near the tills were wrecked.

Sue is working the next 2 days so I get some “me time”. We’re going out to a restaurant on Tuesday to celebrate the anniversary. Well, maybe not. I’ll be cooking. I haven’t decided what I’ll be cooking yet.

The weather isn’t great today so it’s feet up infront of the TV.

Stay safe.

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      After some of the things I have posted about my neighbours during lockdown I should be worried!

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