TradeShark Diary, 29th June 2020

I have managed to avoid the news until the evening news just came on. Some idiot Youtuber held a meet and greet in Birmingham. The interviewer asked him if it was a wise thing to do in the middle of a global pandemic. He said he stood by what he had done and was proud of what he had achieved. Does the virus eat bloody brain cells??


Leicester is perhaps going to have to keep the current lockdown rules for an extra 2 weeks due to a spike in cases. They have organised a pop up testing centre and they are finding a lot more cases. According to some locals there have been a lot of public gatherings and parties in the city.

I know in Worcester the hospital has had no new cases in the last 2 weeks. I messaged Sue at work this morning and they have just 7 patients on a ward with 22 beds.

California, Texas and Florida have lost control of the pandemic. The people there seem to be ignoring the whole thing. Trump has been saying that it’s nothing to worry about. In a country where they all have guns, how is Trump still around? I bet he is avoiding grassy knolls (whatever a grassy knoll is).

We have had a couple of birds of prey above the street. I think one of them is the buzzard that I have seen in the local woods a few times. I didn’t see the other bird for more than a couple of seconds so I’m not sure what it was. It seems odd that they are flying around together. Hopefully together they can pick off a few of the idiot kids round here.

I’ve had a fairly chilled out day. Sue had left a shopping list so I got that done at lunchtime. Her Anniversary card turned up this morning. Just a day late. I’ll keep it for next year!

I watched “Freaks” on Netflix this afternoon. It’s worth watching if you are running out of things to watch. I have also “discovered” 90 day Fiance on TLC. I’ve been binge watching that in the last 2 days. I mean it’s shite but you can’t stop watching.

The more I research SEO the more I learn. I am pretty happy with the site which is ranking well for the main two search terms. One thing I don’t understand is why a football and tipster site is ranking number 1 in one of those terms. If you make the same search on Bing they are nowhere to be seen yet Google loves them! When you visit the page they even have a full page popup. Google HATE those! Fair play to the guys at as they obviously know their stuff. They don’t even have the search term anywhere on the page! I’m trying to ignore it. I’m failing but I am trying. I’m very happy for them. Honestly….

Chinese for supper. Stay safe.

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4 thoughts on “TradeShark Diary, 29th June 2020”

  1. blank

    We too discovered Freaks” and watched it. At first had no idea what it was about; it seemed strange. We stuck with it and suddenly became clear and turned out to be a very watchable film.
    Had a spike in one of the care homes in Welwyn Garden City and some residents died. Caused a bit of local concern and rumours flew. Seems to have settled now.

    1. blank

      I was pretty tired yesterday. God knows why. I fell asleep after a few minutes of the film but rewound it. Once fully awake the start was pretty good at making you think to work out what was going on.

      It makes me wonder how bad it has been in Leicester if they were worse than we have seen in Worcester. I suppose it seems worse to us as were are in the middle of the worst offenders. People round the corner have said how quiet lockdown has been for them!

  2. blank

    I watched Freaks last night with my fella. The last half hour was good, the first half was terrible though, I almost switched off!

    Noticed you mentioned about learning some SEO. I’m happy to help you in a few areas as it used to be my job for 8 years. What are the search terms you were searching for? it may be a case that your browser has cached the information and keeps giving you the same results. Being logged into the google also affects the results, so I may get different results to you.

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