TradeShark Diary, 28th June 2020

There were more demonstrations and protests yesterday and today. It is no coincidence that at a time when we have been locked down for 3 and a half months we have had more public gatherings with little or no social distancing than ever before. The huge spikes in Covid-19 cases in some American states have shown the dangers of ignoring the pandemic.


In my own opinion these protests and public celebrations HAVE had an effect but because the virus is weakening so quickly the idiots have only slowed down the demise of covid-19. With no antidote the virus will be with us for a long time.

The players seem to accept that the US Open will go ahead. The total failure of some states to control the virus has fuelled those who are calling for the whole season to be written off. Ironically Djokovic’s recent stupidity will make it easier for the US Open organisers to gain the players’ cooperation with the safety measures that they plan to put in place.

I have had a chilled out day today. I had a few small jobs to do. A couple of the supports for hanging baskets were pulled out of the wall by the brutal winds that we had yesterday. They have been strengthened and replaced. I cleared all the cat shit from the gravel in the front garden. I seem to have created the biggest litter tray in the world.

I couldn’t get totally motivated to get all the housework done. I’ll take care of that in the morning after I have dropped Sue off at work.

I took the dogs out early this morning. I saw perhaps 10 people. Having spent my early years in a village I automatically say good morning to people I see. I did make a new years resolution a few years ago to not do it as much as I was getting irritated more and more if people didn’t respond. I have let that resolution slip. Only 1 couple replied to me this morning. People round here are either ignoring lockdown or are avoiding all contact as if the virus can be passed on by voice sound waves.

On our way to see the kids on Friday another driver coming the other way was flashing his lights and waving frantically. I didn’t recognise the car. I pulled over and looked at the front of the car. I thought maybe the number plate was falling off or something. However everything was fine. I shrugged it off. They had probably just mistaken me for someone with a similar car. The odd thing is that in the last few days 3 other drivers have done the same thing. As before I didn’t recognise any of them and have no idea what they were trying to tell me.

When I took the dogs out last night we were walking down a section of the main road when a white audi drove past blowing their horn. I looked as they drove past and the driver was waving. I don’t know anyone with a white audi. It would be harder to mistake me for someone else in that situation. I haven’t seen anyone with 2 dogs of the same breeds as mine. Odd.

Stay safe.

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2 thoughts on “TradeShark Diary, 28th June 2020”

  1. blank

    You are maybe being ‘gaslighted’ by the guy whose tennis trading video you had some mild fun with…or is that me being paranoid on your behalf…:)

    1. blank

      Ha ha, if that had been one of my videos and someone had done what I did I would have sent a comment. Haven’t heard anything. Maybe he doesn’t watch my videos.

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