TradeShark Diary, 3rd April 2020

I didn’t update the post yesterday. The clap for the NHS and other key workers ( maybe they can find another name for it) brought out a lot more people down our street than it did last week. This time everyone was out in the front gardens.


I need to stop looking out of the windows when I am sat at my desk. The young girl opposite really isn’t ready to look after herself never mind her young kid. She has set fire to the place at least twice. She doesn’t live with her mum who is either a carer or works for the NHS judging my the uniform. This morning her mum was packing her daughter and grandson into her car. It looked like they were moving in with her and the rest of the family. Now I understand the need to help your kids and I sympathise but I would put money on the mum not knowing that her daughter had a load of mates round pretty much every day in the last 2 weeks. That obviously drastically increases the chances that she could be infected. Her mum is then going into her ward or care home where there are people who are more vulnerable to the virus.

I should close the blinds. I keep telling myself that it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to follow the rules (or even try to follow the rules).

I get lots of emails asking if I accept guest posts or sponsored posts. While there is no tennis on if they want to pay me to post on the blog I’m happy to oblige. Lets see if I get any more. I have emailed those who have asked in the last few months. I didn’t email the woman who sent me about a dozen follow up emails after I said that I wasn’t interested.

I took my camera out with me a last night. Every night I see foxes or something going on that might be of interest on here. Every night except the one night that I took the camera. Sod all happened. Lets see what happens tonight.

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6 thoughts on “TradeShark Diary, 3rd April 2020”

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    Mike aka DeanDasher

    The young girl opposite doesn’t follow rules she lives in chaos. The first 2 series of Shameless was so close to real life for more people than you realise.
    The only people not to suffer financially from this crisis are the people on benefits.
    The night the pubs closed l was taking a lad from the pub , the whole journey he was ringing round is mates to organise a house party because his best mate had just come back from Spain.

    1. blank

      I just got back from walking the dogs. We cover quite an area but don’t see anyone at that time. Everywhere was quiet until I turned into our street. At least 2 house parties in full swing.

  2. blank

    Expecting young people to stay under virtual house arrest for any period is unrealistic, with the schools closed there are lot’s of youngsters wondering about aimlessly, the only upside is they may create a herd immunity. The rest of us will have to isolate as best we can or take the risk. One of the problems I have about the death toll is did they die with the virus or from it . If I knew that it would be easier to access the risk

    1. blank

      I said that it was unrealistic but not because it is too much to ask. They are being told to stay home and do nothing but watch tv or play on the xbox. How DARE we ask them that? The reality is that the vast majority of young people ARE following the rules. So it clearly is NOT too much to ask. I have always had a real problem with people who have kids but don’t want to be parents. Some of them lose control of their kids as toddlers. The 3 houseparties I walked past last night were homes were parents are there allowing people to come and go. I have family across the country who work for the NHS. They are walking into hospitals every day risking their health to look after the people that these pricks have helped to infect.

      We need to stop making excuses for them just because that’s much easier than doing anything about it.

  3. blank

    I would agree with you Paul(they want children but don’t want to be parents), as a taxi driver you see a broad cross section of parents and alot have no idea or not interested.

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