TradeShark Diary – December 23rd 2019

Another season is over. In terms of trading results I equalled last year though traded fewer matches. As I have said in another diary entry I will have more time in 2020. I have reduced my dog training commitments and won’t be helping out my daughter’s business.

Sales of the trading guide doubled in 2019 and the trading tips service almost doubled.  I have made some SEO improvements in the last 12 months and the changes I have made in the off season have dramatically increased traffic. In the off season! I can’t wait to see how things go when the season kicks off in January.

We are all ready for Christmas. We were in Tesco on Saturday morning before 6am.  We wanted to TradeShark Diary - December 23rd 2019 3miss the crowds when we did the main shop. There were quite a few people in there though nothing like what it will have been like later in the day. I took the dogs past there in the afternoon and people were driving round the carpark waiting for someone who was leaving their parking space.

I spent this morning giving the house a good clean so we don’t have to do anything but relax on Christmas eve. We’ll be spending most of the day watching cheesy Christmas films. Then it’s Christmas Day with our daughter, son in law and the grand kids.  I will drive up to Yorkshire on Boxing day. I haven’t been up there for 3 years so it will be good to see everyone. Hopefully I can get all the presents in the car. I either need a bigger car or a smaller family.

That’s about it from me. Thanks for all the support this year.

Have a great Christmas!


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