The scam is still running. Betfair Trading Expert warning

I noticed today that Matt Abrahams is still selling a section of my Trading Guide in his Betfair Trading Expert ebook.

A few months ago I showed with the help of the CashMaster blog that he had simply copied and pasted sections of my Guide. He sells the ebook which has 6 strategies ( 2 football and 4 of mine) for £45 whereas from me you get for £29 more strategies, more help and support and best of all you aren’t dealing with a scamming lowlife.

If you have been conned by Abraham email him for a refund

Better still if you purchased via Clickbank it is very easy to get a full refund without even going through Dr Matt. 


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6 thoughts on “The scam is still running. Betfair Trading Expert warning”

  1. Hi, bought this system from Matt and have been emailing for a refund for over a week with no reply. can you please advise me how i can get a refund from clickbank. Would be very grateful


    1. Hi, Clickbank are usually very easy to get a refund from. Email them explaining that you bought his system and discovered that it was a copy of a section of my Trading Guide which you already had. I would include a sentence expressing your disappointment in Clickbank for allowing their site to be used for selling rip off products and would like a full refund.
      I will also email you a screenshot of a comparison between the two systems that the CashMaaster blog did.
      Hope this helps. Matt has admitted his guilt by removing the tennis section from his product ( I would also include that in your email to clickbank)

      EDIT: Yvonne took my advice and received a full refund from Clickbank the following day.

  2. i am so grateful for your speedy reply and your email. thank you so much for your help.

    Will keep you posted how i get on


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